Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I create a free account?

There are several benefits to creating an account:

  • You can search by both course and professor
  • Limited access to the grade distribution for every semester of a course
  • Limited views of additional graphs
  • You can store historic grades
  • You can predict how you will do for a semester/set of courses

Unfortunately, due to server and FOIA related expenses I do limit the number of predictions and searches with the added graphs. Further, not all features are available on the free account, including comparing courses. See an unlimited account for all available features.

Why should I sign up for Easy A Unlimited account?

The unlimited account is just that, unlimited. My first priority is making unlimited users happy, and as such they are given more features than free accounts.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Unlimited searches
  • View grade distributions for different semesters of a course
  • Unlimited semester/course set predictions
  • Comparison of courses (coming soon)
  • The grateful and undying love of the team

Can you really predict how well I will do in my courses?

Short answer is yes! Go to "Plan Semester" or "Predict Grades"

The long answer is, we definitely can make a prediction, but it may not be fully accurate. The more courses you take and add to Easy A, the better the prediction. We can make a pretty good guess of how well you specifically will do after about two semesters, and can make a general guess before then.

It works by matching you to similar users, and predicting how many hours it will take, the difficulty, etc. This is called a "clustering algorithm". It is similar (or at least a component) of the way netflix recommends you movies, or Facebook organizes your news feed.

Testing shows it to be pretty accurate, with more users we will be able to give you an exact percentage.

Why is the unlimited account so expensive?

It is expensive. However, as of this moment Easy A loses money.

It costs us roughly $70 monthly to maintain the website. We have also spent hundreds of hours building the website, doing FOIA requests, arguing with (and begging) universities, and configuring the data to be useful. Worse still, many universities have a FOIA request fee (ranging from $0 to ~$10,000).

I would love to make Easy A cheaper. That's why we are looking for universities to support us as an advising tool. If you can help us get in touch with your university please reach out!

Where does this data come from?

It comes from two sources.

Grade related data comes directly from the university via FOIA requests.

All other data comes from the users (workload, difficulty, etc.).

Adding course reviews gives you additional graph views, so is definitely worth adding.

Why does some data have "N/A"

That occurs when there is insufficiant data to predict workload. Usually, this is because no one has reviewed the course.

My school isn't on Easy A, how do I add it?

Well... that's a tricky one. My suggestion is to read our FOIA page, and send a FOIA request to your university. Going to our FOIA page has a template you can use to send to your university. That may, but probably wont, work. If you do get data, or need help please reach out.