Easy A is about making it easier to get A's, while learning more.

Our Services

We provide the grade distributions for every professor/course combination for the universities that have been added to our site. We also provide ratings from students, recommended course materials, alternative (hopefully better) course materials, and links study groups.

At least, that’s what we hope to provide. Easy A is currently in the beta version, meaning it does not have all of it’s features implemented. We are still in the process of getting the websites features finished testing it daily, so if something breaks, or you have a suggestion feel free to contact us.

Our Data

Our data comes from directly from a university, via something called a FOIA requests. Any public institution is subject to a FOIA request, visit the add a university page for more information and how to submit one.

Eventually, we hope to have users provide more specific comments, recommend materials, and (potentially) even upload old exams, quizes, slides, lectures, etc. This is still a work in progress, and will not be available until the Fall 2016 semester.

Freedom of Information

Although, Easy A hopes to provide a genuine service, it also is designed to be a learning tool. Particularly, it has been designed to entice people to learn about FOIA requests.

Freedom to request information, and holding government responsible for its actions, is one of the most important freedoms in the United States. After the Edward Snowden leaks, months were spent pondering how to bring more attention to FOIA requests, and holding our government, federal, state, and local accountable. The first step was to introduce people to the idea that anything can be requested, then help them write and submit a request.

Thus, the idea for Easy A was born. A way to both incentivize individuals to submit FOIA requests, but also a useful tool that can both help identify teachers with issues, improve grades, and teach the next generation how to use FOIA requests!

Our Team

The website is currently owned by Synaptitude LLC and maintined by Austin Walters.